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nothing.It is a fools game.None of us are inherently above or below the person next to us.We are who we are.Not one of us is exactly alike.The only dn you and you feel like all your hard work is for irect and honest comparison is within yourself.Everything else is apples to oranges.My opinion is you get lazy,or you see someone else as better thathat you are only allowed to compare yourself to someone else if their life situation is the same as your own.Good luck finding that match.And one thiither you see yourself as better than someone and ng is for sure.No matter how hard you work and how dedicated you are,there will always be someone whhing useful ever comes from comparison to others.Eo can run a little faster,jump a little higher,score a little better or look a little nicer in a swimsuit.And if theres not,you can bet someone is coek or last decade,when you were at your best.Notming up fast behind you.So how can you always win in lifeBecome your best competitor.The followinfor comparison than who you were yesterday,last weg are the reasons why you are your own best competitor.1You will always be motivated.Having an inner yardstick.There is no more accurate measure image of your most recent past limits is the perfect thing to push you to the next level.If you ran 7 flights of stairs yesterday,then do 8 today.Who easure against what Warren Buffett calls your own cares if the guy next to you did 15It doesnt make a bit of difference.You are a more fit person to better.The only solution is to reach inside and mday than you were yesterday.Your own progress is all you need.2You will continuously be your personal best.If you commit to a slightly higher staith who you are.Theres always someone whos a bitndard of yourself every day,you will always be at the top of your game.And that game will only get b to look outside yourself and to ever be content wetter.But if for some reason you fall off your mark,you will always have the past image of your best perance to show you what youre capable of.Ond where comparisons happen nonstop,it is difficultce youve done it,you know whats possible and then its just a matter of doing it again.1. ThrougDattend to.阅读理解2012湖北八校第一次联考In a worlh the passage the writer advises the readers to________.Aavoid comparison with othersBwork mucpment of Asia.AattendBjoinCjoin inh harderCpay attention to othersprogressDmake full use of motivation2. If you want to achieve your best,according to the author,you should_______the meeting held in Boao,Hainan for the develo_____.Asee yourself better than othersBmeasure accuratelyCcompare with yourselfD15Every year,many leaders in different fields____be honest with yourself3. Which of the following is certain to happen according to the authorA. Finding someone else who is in the same life situabsorbed inCabsorbing toDabsorbed withation as you are.BFinding someone who runs faster and jumps higher than you.CFinding someone wpletely________a magazine.Aabsorbing inBho is hiding right behind you.DFinding someone who almost always wins in their life.4What can he door,I found my father sitting in his chair,comhelp you up to higher level in your life according to the passageAComparing yourself with the guy next to you.BThinking about your own progressith;forCin;toDin;for14When I opened t.CPromising to play a game every day.DThinking of your most recent past limits..七选五山西省20____the newspaper every month.Awith;toBw112012学年度高三第二次阶段性诊断考试For some people charm 吸引力 is a natural gift,but for others being charming is a skill that they need to acquire in order to is strict________us,contributes some articles____survive.If you want to charm someone,here are some ways on how to do it.1__1__In order to charm stheC/;aD/;the13My English teacher,whoomeone,you must learn some facts about that person.Determine what his likes and dislikes are.Then try to find the persons soft spots.In this way,you isk of buying this dying factory.Aa;aBa;can easily avoid the things that he doesnt like and put an effort to show that you are interested iew________conclusion that they wouldnt take the rn the things he likes.__2__2__3__Eye contact is one of the best ways to connect to a person.It heDexposed12After________while,the manager drlps you create an image that you are confident with yourself and show that you are interested in him.By establishing eye contact with the person you wf their character.AlinkedBledCusedant to charm,you are actually starting a conversation with him.3Show respect.By showing respect,ynt online games,which is bad for the development oou are expressing sincerity to that person.Learn how to politely introduce yourself.You dont want to create an impression that you are overconfident.11Nowadays,children are________to too many violeA handshake may be the most common way to do it.However,other traditions involve other s of intr blamedCwere to be blamedDwere to blameoductory gestures.__4__4Always smile.Smiling is one of the basic ways to charm a person.By smilinfor the accident.Awas to blameBwas to beg a lot,you are creating a positive image for the person you wish to charm.Smiling is also a way of showing that person how glad you are to meet him.Relessness but the bad road conditions that________emember to show a sincere and honest smile.__5__Faking a smile can make the person you want to charming to the drivers explanation,it was not his car think that you are not really interested in meeting him.AEstablish eye contact.BAvoid pretending to smile.CShow interest and enthusiasm.DdleBraiseCfaceDpresent10AccordLearn something about the person you wish to charm.ETry to find out his tradition and follow it asend for an engineer to________the problem.Ahanccordingly.FWhen the person sees that you have the same interests,you can easily charm him.GWhhere knows what is wrong with the machine,we must en you are having a conversation,make him feel that he is in control of the conversation..短文改错2012云南昆明一中高三上学期12月月考Im a middle school studentBexamineCinspectDsurvey9As nobody name Li Ming.Im writing to tell you something.Recently I have noticed many of my classmates often he problem and see what went wrong.Aanalysego to the cyber caf near our school.I go there too the other day.I was surprising to see many students playing computer games,watching films or chat.Ss problemCertainly.First of all,lets________tome students were even talking about love affairs online.On my opinion,the cyber caf should be a plaDConfirmed8Could you please help me with thice that we can find much useful inations.The Internet should be a window to the outside world rather than place for games.The Internet is good ifice.AConvincedBSuspectedCCharged we make a good use of it.Otherwise,it will give us great harm.So the local government should take mthe attempted murder,she was questioned by the poleasures to make sure that students use cyber cafs positively.课时作业二十一.单项填空1解析考查交际用语。句意为Dknowledge7________of being involved in 我要到夏威夷度假了。你真幸运玩得愉快记得给我寄张明信片。Have a nice time玩得愉快答案C2解析句意为因为对国家作出了如此杰出的贡献,这个科学家受到了政府的奖励。故选contribution,意为贡献。答案A3解析考查非谓语动词的用法。or not.AabilityBcompetitionCchallengeexpose表示“暴露,曝光”的意思,常和介词to搭配。在本句中,它位于介词after之后,且与cloth构成逻辑上的动宾关系,所以要用v.ing的被动结构。答案C4解析考查动词辨析you can tell if the ination you get is useful 。从上文中的“disappointed”一词来看,青年的申请应该是被几家公司“拒绝”才合适,所以选项B符合题意。答案B5解析句意为很多人只能被安排在体育场住宿。put up张贴,留宿,符合句意。put forward提出;put out扑灭;put away储存,把收好。mation in todays world is easy.The________is how 答案B6解析challenge挑战,符合题意。句意为在今天这个世界里找到信息很轻松,但是挑战在于你怎样才能判断你找到的信息是否有用。ability能力;competition竞争;ut upCput outDput away6Finding inforknowledge知识。答案C7解析suspect sb.of...为固定搭配,意为“怀疑某人”,suspect与主语she构成逻辑上的动宾关系,故用过去分词充当状语。答案to be________in a stadium.Aput forwardBpB8解析analyse分析;examine检查;inspect检查;survey调查。根据题意应选A。答案A9解析句意为既然这里没有人知道这台机器出了什么问题,我们必须去请一位工程师来解决这个问题。handle解决,符合题意。raise提出;face面对;presenadly damaged after the earthquake,many people had t呈现。答案A10解析考查be动词不定式的用法。be动词不定式可表示该做或不该做的事情。be to blame意思为“应该负责;应该受惩罚”。注意not...but...连接两Dappreciated5As most of their houses were b个名词作主语时,句子谓语根据就近原则决定。答案D11解析考查动词辨析。句意为当今,孩子们接触过多暴力网络游戏,这对他们的性格发展不好。be exposed to接触,暴露在,符合题意。答案D12解析考查冠词。after a while一会儿;draw as application.AtookBrejectedChated/come to the conclusion得出结论,都是固定短语。答案A13解析考查介词搭配。be strict with sb.表示“对某人严格要求”;contribute..ng man disappointed that several companies______hi.to...表示“对做出贡献;向投稿”。答案A14解析句意为当我打开门时,我发现父亲正坐在椅子上全神贯注地看杂志。be absorbed in “全神贯注于”,absorbed...为形容词短语,在句中作伴随状语。答案B15解析考查动词辨析。根据句意Cbeing exposedDexposed4It made the you可知,此处表示“参加会议”的意思,故选A项。attend常用来指“上课学,出席会议,参加婚礼,葬礼等仪式。”join指“加入某个组织成为其中的一员”;join in参加比赛活动;attend toll for a shirt.Ahaving exposedBexposing专心于,照顾。答案A.阅读理解语篇解读这是一篇议论文。我们总是拿自己与别人进行比较,这样一来就会使自己总不满意,而正确办法是拿自己的现在与自己的过去进行比较,我们自己才是unlight for so long a time,the cloth wont last we自己最好的竞争者。1解析考查主旨大意。全文的核心话题是不要拿自己与别人进行比较,因为每个人的情况都不一样。正确的办法是拿自己的现在与自己的过去、自己曾经的最佳状态进行比较。因此作者的建议应是A。答案A2解析 考查推理判断。通读全文可知本文作者的观点是不要拿自己与别人cationDpreparation3After________to the s进行比较,而是与自己原先的状态进行比较,这样你就会使自己处于最佳状态,故C项正确。答案C3解析考查细节理解。第三段说,能找到这样的人,算你运气好,意思是很难找到与你的生活状况一样的人ntry.AcontributionBcollectionCcommuni,故不选A项;后面接着说,有一件事是肯定的,不管你工作多么努力,你总能找到比你跑得快,比你跳得高,比你得分高,或穿着游泳衣比你更好看的人,如果你找不出,我敢打赌,有人马上就要追上来了。由此判断选B。答案B4解析考查细节理解。根据“Having an image of your moent for having made such a great________to the coust recent past limits is the perfect thing to push you to the next level.”可知答案为D。答案D.七选五1Dluck2The scientist was rewarded by the governm2.F3.A4.E5.B.短文改错Im a middle school student Li Ming.Im writing to tell you something.Recn I go with youCHave a nice timeDGood ently I have noticed many of my classmates often to the cyber caf near our school.I go there too the other day.I was to see many students playing cosend me a postcard.AThat sounds good.BCamputer games,watching films or .Some students were even talking about love affairs online. my opiniawaii.What a lucky boy________And remember to on,the cyber caf should be a place we can find muise,it will us great harm.So the local governmenternet is good if we make a good use of it.Otherw should take measures to make sure that students uoutside world rather than place for games.The Intch useful .The Internet should be a window to the se cyber cafs positively.72011烟台市第二次诊断Im going to spend my holiday in H课时作业二十一必修5Unit 1Great scientists.单项填空1


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